Over The Phone Vs. Internet Services

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Whether for enquiring or purchasing, there are so many alternative means of communication available nowadays. A number of things have become easier thanks to the internet, such as the availability of information, ease of purchase, and seamless communication.

However, a lot of customers prefer to call a business when they’re in the purchase phase of the buying cycle. Possibly, people find typing very time-consuming and prefer to receive instant responses instead.

As experts in the field, we at AGame Solutions want to share information regarding two different styles of communication services, namely over the phone and the internet. Read on to find out about the most preferred method of communication.

A. Over the phone

The primary advantage of direct calling is that we can provide reliability. Nobody wants to purchase a product that will break down on them. The second advantage of what we are able to offer is affordability. Yes, people want reliability, but they also want it to be cost-effective. It doesn’t really help if something is cheap and the reliability reflects the cost.

The last benefit we offer is a hands-on approach to finding exactly what someone not only wants but also needs to be satisfied.

B. Internet

From the opposite point of view, someone can simply go online to create their own package. It gives the flexibility to do things on your own time, which is a huge advantage.

When someone goes online, they get the opportunity to put things into their own words and have the ability to make their own decisions.


The primary disadvantage of the online route is not having anyone there to answer any direct questions. A secondary disadvantage is the bargaining aspect. It is very hard to bargain online, while in person, someone can bring prices down and personalize what is wanted.


The first service is for those that have a little more time on their hands. They are not entirely sure of what they want or how to acquire the right services. The second service is meant more for people that already know exactly what they want and need while understanding the prices vs. the quality as well.

The question that must be considered is: Are the extra few minutes of browsing online worth missing out on an interpersonal connection that can not only save money but also provide another perspective to satisfy the need for a better service?

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